Get the Goods on the Future of Web Design

Finally, a way to design for the web and mobile devices together. Why? For the first time ever it’s projected that PC sales will dip, while Tablets and mobile devices will begin to take charge. Consumers today are demanding on-the-go localized service from web queries and shopping, to reading the news online. In order for us to accommodate this up and coming trend, our developers are offering a new Responsive Web Design platform.

So, what exactly is Responsive Web Design?

To put it simply, it’s a solution to allow websites to be compatible on every mobile and stationary device, giving publishers a broader reader market and the consumers a pleasant experience. With content marketing washing out the old SEO practice, users want to have relevant easy-to-read high quality content available anywhere, on any device. By using “media queries”, flexible images and fluid grids, the exclusive responsive web design sets out to discover the resolution of the new device and adapts the flexible images and fluid grids of the site being navigated. Touch screen prompts can also be enabled in the design to allow swipe motions. Essentially, columns of the website design adjust accordingly, by shrinking and adapting to the next device detected and swipe motion is enabled when necessary.
If you are in the market to expand a desktop website to be explored by an all-in-one media package such as; a tablet, a netbook or smartphone, etc…then a Responsive Web Design is for you.  Whether it’s looking up a restaurant menu, reading newspapers from around the world or searching for new shoes, reach out to as many clients as possible by giving them their favourite sites accessible from any device, anywhere. That’s golden.

For more information about developing a website with a Responsive Web Design platform contact us today.