When it comes to Blogs and CMS’s WordPress is a fantastic option.

It’s hugely popular and has a wide array of functionality.  It’s menu-driven and makes good use of widgets and other tools.  You can lay out pages very easily and multimedia is a snap. Text, images and video are all easily handled and page layout using these media types is a snap.  there’s loads of tutorials available on youtube so learning is also very easy.

There are thousands of WordPress templates available so getting a website or a blog up and running rapidly is no problem for an experienced team.  Custom designs are also quite easy to use so there’s no drawbacks.  For most web sites wordpress is the way to go, as evidenced by the millions of sites that all use wordpress.

Despite it simplicity, wordpress can also support advanced requirements.  HTML and PHP can both be used natively in wordpress so you have no appreciable limits.

There are also many custom developed plug-ins available that are reliable worthwhile and are either free or very modestly priced. Things like;

  • SEO plug ins to support rankings
  • Link managers to handle cross site links

In order to deploy a custom design into WordPress you need to convert the PSD to a format tat can be plugged into WordPress.  This is one of our key services and we are very good and very fast at doing this.  We deliver clean HTML and other wordpress components that can be rapidly deployed.  We get you there fast and we get you there smoothly and cleanly.

When you need services to convert PSD to WordPress please contact us!

When you want to convert PSD to WordPress to build a web site or to create a blog system or for both, we can always provide it effectively and quickly!

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