We have extensive PHP programming experience – our developers have a host of projects under their belts and know best practice development techniques.  Our offerings span broadly across the development spectrum from web applications, enhancing existing applications, migrating applications from other technologies through to developing web services.  We can bring your PHP code up from version 4 to version 5, thereby protecting your existing investment.

We are familiar with working on Open Source Applications or starting from scratch with PHP Web Development. Our team is very strong and experienced and conducts themselves professionally.  There’s nothing better than seeing your specifications brought to life in the way that you envisioned them.  Only an experienced developer can make this happen for you.

PHP applications being server-side style applications mean that you can control them and embed in your HTML and have them readily available within your web site augmenting the user experience at your site.

One of the key benefits to using PHP and creating your own custom PHP code is its ubiquitous nature and the fact that it can run on pretty much any web technology out there and all browsers tend to work very effectively with PHP served from a web site.  This means your investment returns the maximum gain in that the highest number of potential users can interact with your code.  This has always been one of the key drivers making PHP so popular.  That, and the massive supply of existing open source applications that are already coded in PHP.  This means that you can; re-use open source code, re-purpose existing application and integrate to pretty much any of the open source tools available to you.

PHP is not complex to learn and has an approachable syntax – not overly complex.  Even a layman can view PHP code and get an idea of what the code is performing.  Combining this simple syntax with a standard database using some form of SQL makes for a very powerful combination that can deliver pretty much any web-based functionality a user might seek.

PHP is an open-source scripting language that is specially tailored for web development and can be incorporated into HTML code. Being a powerful server-side language it provides both simplicity and functionality. PHP is perfect for use with My SQL (widely employed relational database query language), and you can hire a PHP developer to build complex and reliable web applications.

Our PHP programmers will revitalize any PHP driven applications that need refinement. Quick and expert tweaking by our professional PHP programmers is an invaluable investment if your applications don’t satisfy your company’s needs. Our professional PHP programmers will enhance the functionality of your existing applications so that they will perform better and suit your business requirements.

Our professional PHP programmers are experienced in developing web services of any complexity (just look at any of our PHP developer resumes to see for yourself). PHP web services tailored to the needs of your business can help extend your company, maintain a closer communication with your customers and give your authorized partners easy access to any necessary data on a real-time basis. You can also consult out PHP developers to develop the applications that collect the information from different servers around the Internet – the so-called ”data readers”.

Professional PHP Programmers have proved that PHP is an extremely advantageous language when it comes to web development and has a great number of advanced features. Our skillful and professional PHP programmers provide custom, reliable and cost effective web applications by means of PHP based on specifications provided by the client. You can get a real time dynamic website from a php developer in little time and at an affordable price, as PHP is not only easy to use but also inexpensive to implement and maintain. PHP is Open Source Code, which makes PHP web development much faster than with the help of any comparable languages.

Code created to be used with the early versions of PHP often doesn’t work properly or won’t work at all with the later versions. This happens because of the incompatible language syntax of different PHP releases. As a result, PHP applications possibly developed by a PHP freelancer, a few years ago almost or completely lose their working efficiency and require considerable modifications which will further allow you to take advantage of newer PHP features. Our PHP programmers can rewrite your existing PHP 4 applications to become an object-oriented PHP 5 application. Our professional team of PHP programmers can also convert any applications written in Java, ASP or NET to PHP. All these languages are good at building large and complex web applications. Still the main advantages of PHP are its fine and fast performance on different platforms.

PHP Development Services

Given that PHP is a development platform,  a project can take many forms. As a web development group, our PHP projects typically involve us engaging with a customer who has a set of requirements. These requirements will range from web sites to web applications to deploying existing open source modules.
We often deliver fixed-price projects, and often have on-going relationships with our clients if they need on-going support. Web development in PHP is the same as any development project and consists of the same set of stages (Requirements definition, development work, testing/verification, and deployment into production). These stages vary in methodology and can be broken down in many ways but in the end the stages are fundamentally the same. In our experience from the hundreds of projects we have done, the keys to a successful project life is good communication between all parties. This can be evidenced by the existence of a clear specification document, ongoing dialog between the parties, and well set (leading to well met) expectations.

If you look at our PHP development team’s professional experiences,  you can easily see their many projects and all them would serve as a good example. There’s even a recent project we have completed for a customer (another PHP web development company!) that was complex and interesting. This company sold a set of services and was overwhelmed with work and needed a trusted PHP web development company to subcontract some of the work. We were fortunate to have been selected and we began work immediately. Through clear and well documented specifications, our partnership was a great success and we want to ensure that all of our clients can have a clear understanding of what’s actually being done. We held a clarification call with the client early on and then began work. We had regular status meetings where we had direct access to the customer and we progressed well. We were on time and on budget and we attribute most of this success to the excellent level of communications that flowed throughout the project.

The stages for this deal were;

1) Sales Cycle
– this was short as we had an established relationship with the PHP web development company
2) Requirements Gathering
– this was also short as the document had already been created. We asked for clarifications and made a round of revisions, and had the client sign off on it
3) Development
– this took the 4 weeks we had originally estimated and since we had fix priced our php programmer for hire, we were especially glad to be on time
4) Testing
– the client performed user acceptance testing (we had already performed unit testing and system testing as part of the development stage). We remediated the bugs found by the customer and delivered a clean build.
5) Deployment into production
– after a clean test cycle we deployed the code into production and monitored it for a couple of days as it began to be heavily trafficked. All was well!

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