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We work with the best programmers and coders that specialize in the code that is taking the web by storm, HTML5. If you are looking to hire an HTML5 developer, we have the most cutting edge coders available for you.

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Creativity and innovation have met an all-time high on the worldwide web of today. Because of this, older coding platforms such as HTML 4 have reached their limit as far as usefulness and capabilities – both in practicality and design. This older version of HTML code has become outdated, having been introduced nearly a decade ago. Web designers and publishers who are looking for the most current features in website enhancement and functionality have turned to the newest version HTML 5 to keep up with the demands of today’s technology. Hire an HTML5 developer from Developer4Lease and see what we can do for you.

Hire an HTML5 Developer who Work Specifically on HTML5

Comparing HTML 4 to HTML 5 is a bit like comparing the old Windows 2000 version to the snappy newest version of Windows 7. HTML 5 overcomes the constraints faced by language and browser capabilities, providing a more interactive way to build websites that can include such modern technologies like video and audio multimedia, geo-location, hyper-threading and application integration, just to name a few of its many functions.

These new HTML5 Development features are among many that allow web designers and programmers optimum flexibility over the HTML 4 version, making the possibilities for a more dynamic web experience even more likely for both the creators and end users. With properties such as speech recognition, form controls, APIs, video embedding, drawing and image capabilities – and much more – HTML 5’s overall increased flexibility, structure and operability provide a much more detailed workflow that is able to keep up with the demands of today’s savvy programmers.

With this new version of HTML5 Development also comes the ability to utilize CSS3. This unique tool enables web developers and designers the ability to create visually appealing and much more functionable websites that have things like multiple columns that can insert text vertically, so that the user doesn’t have to scroll up and down the page. The CSS3 coding also enhances appearance with truly creative and impressive looking backgrounds and borders, generous color palettes and image import tools that are very in-depth.

HTML5 Development

It’s also known to be very user friendly to web developers because of the ability to have greater flexibility and capabilities compared to other types of coding applications. You can also test each module for its functionality and integrity. That makes it even easier for maintenance of the web pages for a website programmer or web developer. Website companies like Developer4Lease are using CSS3 because it offers them all of these vibrant tools in website development. Along with HTML 5, you can count on wide range of customization options that provide a solution to the old limited capacity of HTML 4.

Some of the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari are already compatible with most of the new HTML5 Development features, which further enhances its desirability as a top choice among those in the web design business. Hire an HTML5 developer from Developer4Lease today!