Developer4Lease Custom Web Development:

We are here to offer you the best developers and custom web development services on the web
  • Application development.
  • Custom Web Development
  • Creating a completely new application from scratch based on your requirements.
  • Cross platform migration.
  • Migration of applications across to new platforms to meet changing business needs.
  • Enhancements of existing application and/or database.
  • Enhancing the functionality within existing applications and/or upgrading databases.
  • Application and architecture performance tuning.
  • Review and update existing applications to ensure that they keep performing to the optimum level.

Web development technology choices available:

PHP / MySQL running over Linux or Windows Platform
ASP / ASP.NET running over Windows Platform
Ruby on Rails running over Linux or Windows Platform

Web Site Development

WordPress CMS Development

In the great big world of Web site development, there are some very good choices for publishing software out there. For example, Drupal and Joomla are both really good products, but we prefer WordPress. Here’s why!

It’s Smooth and Intuitive

WordPress allows the user to write and manage content in a fluid way. We can use it to make CMS for our customers easily. There’s nothing worse than trying to hang on to the glimmer of a new idea, only to be distracted by some hard to find formatting option or other clunky aspect of your software. With WordPress this never happens. Toronto Website Design can convert and implement designs to WordPress themes to save you the time and frustration.

Write and Design at the Same Time

This is probably the best aspect of WordPress, because it allows us to write and type in WordPress consecutively.
Let’s face it. The format of your message really affects the kind of impact it has on your reader. WordPress is huge when it comes to this. It cuts down on editing time, too. You can use our services to request a psd to convert to WordPress software or we can design and provide a working website and it will simulate your vision for each segment of your website or blog without having to go back and trim copy to fit.
We can even convert a pdf or word document to WordPress for you, making it easy to take an existing file and use it on your site. Nice, right?
If you like to enhance your content with images, we can easily import an image to WordPress. Snazzy visuals always make text much more appealing, wouldn’t you agree?
Smart and Accurate with Web and Text Standards.
Historically speaking, one of the tricky things about writing for the Web has always been making sure things get translated correctly from text into standards-compliant XHTML. With WordPress we can just type in the text, including all punctuation, fonts and formatting. They are automatically converted to Web-ready XHTML language suing Custom Web Development. Or, if you need XHTML to WordPress, we can do that, too. Your website will look great on any browser as we do cross browsers tests and W3C validation (the guys who created the web)!

Check out our portfolio page and see why the biggest companies in the world think we are the right company to deal with!

Web Development

Custom Content Management System

Most website owners rely on CMS (content management system) for the organization of their websites. This includes the content, the structure and the design of the site itself. There are a variety of CMS available for free (open source) or for a minimal cost, and each of these could cater the particular needs of every website owners. For the sake of those who are just starting off, and for those after a quick fix, most CMS offer a pre-made theme or template for an instant website design. These are surely helpful, but if you are an online business, or a website owner particular about personalization, then opting for a custom made web design might do the trick.

Web Developers vs Buying Custom Web Design or Web Development services

Web developers are the core of making site design possible. However, to get things working, there might be the need to discuss with them which takes so much of the time. If things go wrong, delay is sure to be on the way.

Buying customized website design or require a custom web development done? We offer a quick fix to sites that need personalization. Contact us, provide your design and we’ll have your the entire structure ready- faster and more affordable.