Using HTML5 Frameworks to generate native applications – when is this a good idea?

With HTML5 developers have new and powerful tools at their disposal to develop native applications based on applications that were originally created as a web application. Our developers are also able to translate Native applications into HTML5 to rewire a Native application so that it is available as an HTML5 web application. Although this is not as easy as it sounds, our experienced developers at Developer4lease are equipped with the tools and know-how to translate the different languages and platforms to isolate any transfer issues and bugs that may arise when moving from one platform to another.
However, this process is often riddled with issues and often incompatibility errors that can stop development dead in its track, often increasing development costs. Developer4lease knows exactly how to avoid these issues and know whether an application will become problematic when reconstructed to perform in a new environment. This becomes an invaluable asset in the development process to our clients, as our team provides the best possible return on investment concerning your development costs and budget.
Some common issues when exporting an application from one platform to another:
  • Synchronization issues
  • General decrease of functionality and performance from original platform
  • Issues with data feeds/calls
  • User Interface errors and bugs, decreasing user experience
  • Formatting and design issues
  • Issues with any product create a sense of unprofessionalism
  • This is just to name a few!
In order to keep from faltering upon these common issues, teaming up with a talented team of developers is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to get your mobile application up and running on new platforms. Contact us for all your mobile application developer needs, we are glad to help.