Soccer Ball Technology Makes Light & Helps Communities

Unchartered Play has launched a new kind of portable generator in a built in a soccer ball called a “Soccket”. It claims that a mere thirty minutes of play will generate 3 hours of light. The kit provide a single bulb LED lamp which can be plugged into the charged up ball providing hours of light.

Built in the US, the water resistant ball is made of EVA foam making it durable yet still soft to the touch. No air pumps are required and it weighs in slightly above that of a standard size 5 ball,  one ounce. It’s claims to never deflate and can handle rough terrain and mounds of fun playtime.

Launched in third world countries, former President Bill Clinton states in their ad campaign, “It’s quite extraordinary” and that it’s “an off grid solution”

To follow up with the promotion is a new social media project, soon to be launched called “Ludo”. The Ludo is a soccer like ‘smart ball’ with a built in application motion sensor that tracks the time it is being played. A social media account comes attached to the ball, using built in wireless technology, called the “The Play Fund”. Once the account is activated your play time of the “Ludo” ball is uploaded and converted to Play Points. Cash in these points and you can use  them to donate real-world items to social development initiatives around the globe. The video campaign shows people using the ball as exercise equipment in the gym, playing at the park or simply horsing around at the office to kill time.

Uncharted Play is still seeking funding for both the Soccket and the Ludo ball projects and promises real world issues are being helped.  The company has also designed a prototype energy-tracking devices and emergency cellphone chargers that will connect to the Soccket, but is still in need of meeting their goal of $150,00.


TPS Team