NY Times Releases a New App For Google Glass

Google Glass, a revolutionary walking computer eyeglass worn to record video, take pictures and search the internet can now read the latest news from the New York Times. Only available to select individuals though. About 8,000 winners of its #ifihadglass contest to purchase the Google Glass before release to the general public, will have the opportunity to try it out.

According to the NY Times, this first ever third party application will give summaries of top news articles and show breaking news with audio alerts. Google Glass users have the choice of simply reading the news or have them read aloud by swiping the side of their glasses.

The New York Times wrote a tagline to promote the app, “Stay informed while you’re on the go, wherever you go.”

This just another step forward in technology on the go. Soon we all might be reading our latest e-mails, grocery lists and details of last nights’ hockey game, while on the subway, on a morning jog or why not while parachuting!