New Cellphone Super Battery Will Jump Start a Car

A team at the University of Illinois, headed up by Professor William King, has created a new kind of battery that could change the world. Imagine lithium-ion batteries that give 30 times more power and have ability to recharge 1,000 times quicker.

That technology has now emerged, by designing super miniaturization of the old school +/-  parts of traditional batteries and assembled using a 3D microstructure. The packed in power is so strong that the your cellphone, may indeed, jump start a car!

King goes on to say  in a press release, that electronic devices are no longer limited by the size of the battery, adding, “Consider personal medical devices and implants, where the battery is an enormous brick, and it’s connected to itty-bitty electronics and tiny wires. Now the battery is also tiny” and, “imagine juicing up a credit-card-thin phone in less than a second.”

Consumers should expect to see the technology hit the market in 1-2yrs. The first applications will be aimed at personal electronics and replacing supercapacitors in radios.