Hunting down the best apps for reading comics, finding a restaurant, and more.

Smartphones are just as commonplace as our wallet and keys these days—we can’t leave the house without them and we certainly freak out if they go missing. Our phones are packed with powerful CPUs and GPUs; the Snapdragon SOC with its Adreno GPU is the most powerful combo the Android and Windows Phone 8 platforms have seen, and Apple’s extra-speedy A6 improves on the already-quick A5 it replaces. Whichever platform we’re on, we use that power to document our daily happenings, to check in to see how our friends are family are doing, to communicate verbally and textually, and even to read a book before bed. We use our phones to order food or make reservations, tag ourselves with others while out having a good time, and catch up on our favorite television shows on the long train ride home.


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