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Hire an HTML coder

If you are looking for a HTML coder, you should always find the experts. Developer4Lease has the answers! We are the market leaders in web and app development and we certainly deliver! With a proven track record of delivering top quality programming, you can depend on our extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise in HTML programming to get your programming done. Our confidence in our programmers is so strong that we make available what nobody else does. We offer a few hours with your programming team at no charge so you are able to try out your future team and become familiar with their talent and capabilities prior to committing to leasing them.

Developer4Lease has been a frontrunner in web and HTML programming for many years. Irrespective of whether your needs are small, large, extensive, or complex, we have the answers for you! Our client base includes businesses and organizations ranging from small privately owned companies to large global corporations. What our customers have in common is that when they made their decision to rent a HTML coder expertise – they chose us and joined our very long list of extremely satisfied customers

Developer4Lease has the lead on its competitors by ensuring quality, precision, and timeliness!

We set the bar high and never lower it. Unlike our competitors, we are not your typical human resources agency. We make sure that each of our account managers are experienced project managers who have specific expertise in the technologies they are working with and that they promote our dedication to quality programming, working to customer specifications and expectations, and ensuring on-time delivery.

We take pride in offering the top programmers from around the world and so, our hiring process is an in-depth process that requires potential HTML programmers provide us with samples of actual work experience. We do not depend on written tests and interviews that don’t tell us what we really need to know! We want to see what a developer can do in the real world before they join our highly esteemed community of HTML developers.

When you rent, lease us to do your programming, you gain the advantage of our commitment to communication. Throughout the life cycle of your programming, from concept to analysis, to programming and job completion, we keep you in the loop. With our online project management system, we include a personal account manager and you receive both daily and weekly updates. We work together with you throughout your project to ensure optimal needs-targets programming with a deadline that meets your expectations. You are always assured of knowing what stage your of completion your project is at. No guessing games, no run around. Your account manager is committed to you. Your goals are our goals and the job is never finished until you are 100% satisfied!

We are where you are!
Developer4Lease’s team of developers are located around the world! Our quality team members are available in every country and in most cities. Because different programs require different solutions, we can provide you with the same high quality developers whether you are looking for onshore or offshore services. Regardless of whether you prefer to hire a HTML coder that are domiciled in the city you are in, or that are remotely located (or a hybridized combination of onshore/offshore expertise), when you send us a request for programming, we can quickly tell you what developers are available for your team!

We tailor our teams to meet your requirements and you get to choose whether you want to hire onshore, offshore, or hybridized solutions. With onshore expertise you have the advantages of meeting your team in person and sharing the same terminology and working hours. There are exceptional benefits to this approach, however, the costs of onshore are substantially more than those of offshore (and could be double!).

With offshore solutions you have the advantage of lower cost development rates (compared to onshore) and because offshore teams generally work more hours than onshore teams, you get a greater and often more condensed dedication of time. Conversely, offshore programming solutions can present some obstacles of time zone differences and difficulties in communication. These aspects can often be overcome by making use of an onshore account manager – just one more part of the services we offer!

With hybridized solutions, you get a combination of offshore and onshore programmers. The team is comprised of offshore programmers working in conjunction with an onshore lead developer. It is, in essence, the best of both worlds; the cost benefits that come from utilizing offshore sources, with the quality and personal interaction of an onshore developer leading the team. Hybrid development teams are the way of the future and we excel in hybrid solutions for your HTML programming needs.

Whether your development needs are best answered by onshore, offshore, or hybridized team solutions, the development solution we provide for you will usually include a programmer, tester, and project manager. Your team is dedicated to working with you to understand and assess your concept and requirements, analyze specific and custom needs, and continue to work closely with you throughout the lifecycle of your project, ensuring that your finished product is exactly what you envisioned. When you lease HTML coder solutions with Developer4lease, your project will be completed with precision and organization, and progress will be verified by daily and weekly updates. You will always have hassle-free access to your account manager. No stress, no annoyance, no string of lame excuses. We are committed to getting the job done and getting it done right!

Many people think of WYSIWYG editors when they think of HTML. With the availability of these editors, why hire a developer for your HTML needs? With WYSIWYG editors, the person inputting data lays out the contents in the manner it is to appear in the HTML document. This is achieved through GUI (Graphical User Interface). With GUI, the WYSIWYG editor renders the finished page as HTML; however, the resulting generated code is of low quality and can affect the performance and rating of the page. For this reason, it is important to have a programmer that is highly experienced with HTML when creating professionally intended documents, so as to have a well-constructed page. Our HTML developers are extensively experienced in writing top notch HTML code and can deliver a well-written page with clean coding.

Developer4Lease is proudly Canadian. The flagship office is situated within the Northern part of the Greater Toronto Area. In search of a Toronto programmer? You have come to the right place. Our company sources developers all over Canada as well as internationally. Our company is dedicated to ensuring you are highly satisfied. That is why we include a few hours free-of-charge. We want to know that when you commit to hiring your team, you already are confident that we are truly your team!

Developer4Lease is the industry forerunner. We provide expert HTML coder with totally committed, top HTML programmers, all within a team headed by a highly proficient and knowledgeable account manager. Whether your needs are small, large, or complex, whether you prefer onshore, offshore, of hybrid programming solutions, with our promise of quality, we are the only programming team you need!