Web Marketing

There’s lots of buzzwords surrounding web marketing such as SEO, SEM and metatags. We don’t deal in acronyms, we deal in results. In fact we are so confident in our abilities that you don’t pay until we deliver first page of Google results for you. We explain what we do and how we do it so there’s no mystery and nothing hidden.

Our offering

We offer services that are designed to get you not just traffic, but high quality and targeted traffic. Visitors to your web site can translate into leads and ultimately into new business for you. Everyone who uses the internet for any serious purpose starts at a search site. Knowing how they find and rank companies is critical to influencing where you show up on a search and where you show up on a search GREATLY affects the number of people who visit your site. We will get you measurable, first page of Google results.

The Process


The process begins with an analysis phase. This is important for a few reasons, with the main reason being focus. You need to know where you can compete effectively, where you can dominate and where you can never win. You need specific information to know where you stand. You can dominate in a phrase (this means you will show up ahead of everyone else) but if the search volume is low (no one is looking for that phrase) then your money is wasted. You need to know where the opportunities are and we help you find them. We begin with a list of words and phrases from you that have to do with your business and your web content. We then expand that list using our experience and perform an analysis of that list. We look at search volumes – how many people are looking for these phrases, and how many hits it gets and we compute a simple measure between these two figures – that is the opportunity indicator. We present everything to you in a report that lays everything out simply and clearly. This phase is perhaps the most important phase as it’s part process, part tools and part experience all blended together to create a list of words and phrases that can bring a lot of the right kind of traffic to your web site, first page of Google results.

Changes to your web site

The next step involves changing your web site content to reflect the list generated by the research phase. This is as much art as it is science as you need to have the right balance. We will guide you in how to change your content or if you prefer we can do it for you. There’s a host of other things you need to do on your web site and we will either do it for you or will guide you. This expertise is specialized and very specific and we are the best when it comes to assessing and modifying a web site to be search-engine-friendly.

Off-site activities

We will undertake a set of activities that take place off of your web site that are beneficial to your web site. Links from other websites are just the tip of the iceberg of what we do to promote your web site, and again this is where we know our stuff and can deliver amazing results for you. Many other companies underestimate the value of these activities, but when you think about it a positive recommendation about someone is always more powerful that a statement from that same someone about themselves.


When we say we don’t get paid until you are on the first page of Google we mean it, so we need to measure your progress as you climb in the rankings. We send you a regular report where you can track your progress and see your web site climbing higher each week and in a few short weeks you will experience tremendous results.