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Although open source software is free, the adoption of open source software can be painfully slow and as a business owner you may find it quite intimidating to even make the choice between different open source offerings. If you have elected to replace custom development with an open source solution, below we have compiled a few reasons why off-the-shelf open source PHP applications may not work as-is for your business, and why you should consider an open source CMS developer:

Lack of compatible applications

Open source PHP applications are often written by individual open source CMS developers who have business knowledge in specialized domains such as Operating System, Database, Content Management, eCommerce or Customer Relationship Management. These applications are written independently and hence they may not integrate well with each other. For example, your company may require a Shopping cart, a CRM Tool and a Visitor Forum but there is no single product that will meet your needs and integrating three different applications to work together will require a deep understanding of the source code of all three applications. If your organization is already using an open source products then finding compatible applications could be a tough job! Our open source CMS developers are here to help simplify.

Lack of training and support

Open Source applications are written by technical people and there are no training manuals for a large number of these applications. Moreover, getting help from the open source CMS developers can sometimes be difficult as the support is primarily aimed at developers and not at business focused end-users.

Less user friendly

Open source applications tend to be less user friendly. The GUI of most applications is not good when compared to commercial products. Again the reason for this is very simple, these applications are not intended for non-technical people. Look for our open source CMS developers to help you out.

No warranty

No open source applications come with any warranty as to performance, or that the tool will function as described. Hence, you cannot rely on any one for validating or fixing anything that seems to be working incorrectly.
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