Windows 8 Quirky Ad Campaigns are Working

As odd as it may be, Microsoft has launched new online Windows 8 ad campaigns, targeting the Asian market as a whole and is working. Each ad highlights the strongest components of Windows 8 features such as; speed, touch, efficiency and over all beauty. The kicker is each ad is not only odd and quirky, but they also include a mix mash of various “Asian- like” language. No one really can confirm what languages they are speaking, including a group of employees at The Seattle Times who speak Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese.

Microsoft said in a statment to the Times; “We created these online-only social videos for the Asian market, where they were well-received.”

Video views have already have reached over a quarter million hits in three days called, “Windows 8 Beautiful and Fast“, a ten second make up contest, playing on the new fast and beautiful feel of Windows 8.

Since the ads don’t appear to have any particular language, anyone can appreciate their weird and funny sense of humour. Check these videos out for yourself.