Talking Shoe to Make you Fit

Google is at it again, experimenting with computers and human interaction in unpredictable ways. This time at the annual South by Southwest conference in Austin Texas, Googled shared an ealry protype of a talking “smart shoe”. The concept is to motivate you when you are a lazy bones jones and commend you when you’re active.

The shoe was built on an Adidas hightop  model featuring a gyroscope, accelerometer, and Bluetooth capability to connect to your smartphone. The robotic like shoe  can measure your activity levels and movement and wastes no time in letting you know. The voice is male and somewhat cheeky in motivating you or giving you a rightful kick in the you know what. The shoe can post Google+ updates and, well, can completely embarass you if you’re a little slow to pick it up.

There is no plans to the release the shoe, rather, Google claims it’s been an experiment to test interactive technology with the human body and the internet.


TPS Team