Reality Content? Really?

For real? Yes for real…Readily usable content at one’s finger tip, that applies to real life situations. Especially, when we travel we might want to know the best pizza joint in Boston, or the loviest B & B in the West Coast. But the question still remains, as to who is going to create all this geotagged content? And how is the general society going to use it? What genres and forms would be natural searches to give the best answers?

Well according to Mashable, Caterina Fake has developed a new website called Findery, that is testing the reality content in question. The service weighs heavily on its’ user-generated quips and quirks of honest experiences of the physical world. Ultimately, pin pointing and discovering the best answers to that apply to the reality content in question.

Mashable shares an interview with Caterina, with an inside look at how reality content on the internet is evolving.


Rachel Gilliland

Toronto Professional Services Team