Heartbreak App to Kill the Ex

February 15th, 2013

Awww..sweet revenge. No better way than to get over your ex quickly, show that person you have moved on and become a happier person. But how to heal the heart and move forward, when the life of a relationship is documented on social medias that can linger for years? Constant bitter reminders of a once great relationship, reminiscent of love in the air dangling on the internet. The evidence must be destroyed, killed, deleted!

According to the Huffington Post, there is no better time than Valentines day to launch a new app, appropriately named  KillSwitch, geared to making break ups less messy and help heal the heart by removing all history off your Facebook’s timeline involving your ex. It targets pictures of you together, pics you have posted, and those you’re tagged in, as well as other related posts. The catch is, you still need to be “friends” on Facebook in order for the app to work. Rest assured your ex will be completely oblivious to the actions been taken. Game, set, match!

The creator explains, “It’s not a vindictive tool, it’s part of a healing process, an assertion of independence, and getting closer to what’s right for you after discovering what wasn’t.”

If  for some reason you are not completely committed to pulling the “KillSwitch” trigger, the app will gracefully download all the deleted evidence of the “d-bag” in a private Facebook folder. Go ahead, look back and laugh, chuckle, be amaze with yourself, or maybe that love life may rekindle it’s way back into your life, where you’ll find yourself  restoring all the history for good.

The app costs less than a buck to help heal your heart and gallop your way onto life’s next  journey. Even better, a portion of the sales is donated to the American Heart Association. Pun intended, of course. Everyone deserves a happy heart.

Rachel Gilliland

Toronto Professional Services Team