photodune-907220-html-code-sample-xsEvidencing the faith developers had in its potential, Polymer came together from conception to production release in less than two years. Now, Google has announced the release of Polymer 1.0 at its annual I/O developer conference, and the industry is buzzing.

What is Polymer?

The Polymer library is designed to make it simpler and more efficient for developers to create reusable components for the web.

Polymer is not a web component, or an element. It is built on top of web components and helps you build your own custom elements.

Polymer makes it easier than ever to build stunning applications on the web, which has some exciting implications for businesses looking to bolster their branding. Polymer’s web platform foundation gives the user unparalleled composability, and makes developers’ lives a whole lot easier. Indeed, one of its most desirable qualities is its simplicity, especially when creating custom elements.

Creating Custom Elements.

Using elements such as HTML and overriding it with CSS can let you create a simple web page, but these elements are limited. Using custom elements, you have the ability to extend the vocabulary of HTML, with your own elements that can provide a sophisticated user interface.

You can use built-in elements such as <form> or <table>,  but your custom elements can be as simple as <select> or <my-tab>.

The Polymer Library.

The Polymer library gives developers a declarative syntax they can use to define custom elements with ease. This kind of coding shorthand lets you add templating, two-way data binding features, and property observations without burning yourself out in the code matrix.

What does this all mean for my business branding needs?

Google Polymer means that your developer can get more done in less time. It lets you distribute and manage design across your website, minimizing web complexity and putting efficient web development within reach. Additionally, Polymer lets you distribute consistent branding themes and user experiences across web properties within the Polymer elements, which makes brand expansion a breeze!