Global Demand for Mobile Development Talent Exceeds Availability – Study

The global demand for mobile developers over the last two years has doubled but the number of developers increased by 13 percent only. The huge gap between supply and demand for skilled mobile development talent was revealed in a recent study on “Global Mobile Talent” released by Talent Neuron, a web-based platform from Zinnov LLC. The high growth in demand is expected until 2015.

Aside from the companies producing mobile devices, the huge demand for mobile app developers come from video game studios, financial organizations and government agencies aiming to inform mobile users of their core services, advertising and marketing firms trying to provide branded application for their clients, media firms that realize that a growing number of their audience access their content via mobile devices, real estate companies and software development firms.

Developers for mobile devices need to learn how to write in the programming language ( C++, Objective C, or Java)  for a certain mobile platform they choose to develop for, such as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

The study also reported that there is great demand for HTML 5 development skills, as indicated by the 149% increase in job postings in 2013, followed by job posts for Android app developers (up by 146%) and iOS developers (up by 132%).

According to the report, one of the measures taken to bridge the huge gap between the demand and availability of mobile application development skills is the move of universities to offer courses on mobile application programming.  Some of these educational institutions can be found in North America particularly across Canada and the US (12), Europe, Middle East and Africa or EMEA (11), Australia (5) and India (1). Then, there are also company-university partnerships like Microsoft’s $24 million investment in Finland’s Aalto University for the AppCampus app development program.