The Era of Responsive Design is hereHTML5


As the world moves into 2015, the word “responsive” continues to make its way into the headlines. It is clear that the majority of active websites have yet to embrace the true power of a responsive design. The reason behind this is due to the fact that growth often comes with some pains. This should not deter you from taking the plunge into becoming truly “responsive.” One of the reasons we are seeing the word “responsive” being tossed around is because we all know, deep inside, that it is the ideal. The ideal is that our websites will have both reliable functionality as well as a trademark/familiar form, in mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. The ideal is supposed to be improbable and difficult to achieve, but never impossible!
Sources indicate that only 18.7% of the top 10,000 websites are responsive, and this percentage actually decreases the further up we go. It’s safe to say that in the coming months this number will begin to increase as mobile users establish their dominance online. Google is now sending more traffic to mobile platforms than they are to desktops, meaning that rules of the game have changed—in fact, we may not even be playing the same game anymore! Technology dictates that we evolve and upgrade from the rigid rules of the past, where “visually appealing” and “interactive” were king. Yes, a website can be made to look beautiful through hardcoding a design into your website, however these designs will break when viewed with a handheld devices and newer platforms that are popping out everyday!
The era of Responsive Design is here, whether you’re website is ready or not, the world demands it and it is hungrier than ever for a true responsive design.
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