Don’t get Scroogled by Google!

Microsoft strikes back with yet another campaign in attempts to attack Google with it’s latest e-mail invasion. Mircosoft claims Gmail is an open service for Google to walk on in and scan all your e-mails for the purpose of target marketing. Even if you are not a Gmail user, any sent items to a Gmail account allows for open play. Armed with polling data, Microsoft presents consumer concern and offers an easier “Try” option and a “Sign the Petition” against Google button.

An example provided by the Software giant writes, 

“if you write a friend to let her know you are separating from your husband, Google sells ads against this information to divorce lawyers, who post ads alongside it. Or if you ask a friend for vacation suggestions, Google uses this information to target you with ads from travel agencies or airlines that want your business.”


Microsoft’s Survey

Over 1,006 US adults from Feb. 1-4, were asked about email service providers that target ads, which are based solely on the content of your email.  Although Google and Gmail were never  mentioned, consumers did not hold back their views on the invasion.


The results:

  • 70% of consumers were unaware of any major email service provider scanning content of their personal emails in order to target ads. Nor, did some even believe it.
  • 83% agree that scanning the content of your personal emails to target ads is an invasion of privacy, period.
  • 88% of those surveyed disapproved of email service providers scanning any content of your personal emails in order to target ads for marketing purposes.
  • 88% of email users believe that users should be allowed to “opt-out” and choose whether or not they want content of their emails scanned by e-mail service providers,  in order to use target advertising.
  • 89% of users agree that email service providers should never be allowed to scan the content of personal emails in order to target ads.
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Rachel Gilliland
Toronto Professional Services Team