Blackberry 10 Comeback


Let the sleeping dogs rise because Research In Motion has rose up from the doom and gloom of defeat and is prepared to wow us all with the launch of their new Blackberry 10, this January 30, 2013. Touted as the biggest comeback in history, BB10 is definitely running in a race against HTC Windows Phone 8 for the top third spot.


Insiders who have be shown test models are clapping them on, as browser tests prove that BB10 is faster than any HTML5 web browser. Filled with the best of all features, BB10 is designed with the iOS grid style layout on multiple pages, shares similar live tiles like WP8, and features a swipe motion drop down menu with access to settings and options like Android.


Key features of the operating system is its’ navigation, by multi-tasking files and applications using swipe and gesture motions, balancing work and personal contacts, and Timeshift.  The QWERTY old school keyboard is clear and simple and allows users to swipe or flick up pre-empted words up into their live text. Contacts are separated into groups, keeping in touch with what the original BBM is all about, but even better allowing users to separate business and personal lives easily. By far, my personal favourite feature is the Timeshift. Go ahead, take that picture… and oops! someone’s eyes are closed. No worries, because Timeshift can bring back or turn forward the time of  when the picture was snapped to adjust it. Even more impressive, the BB10 camera can zoom in on a group shot, Timeshift adjust an individual in the snapshot, and create perfect timing for everyone involved.


It will be an interesting day on January 30th, to see how consumers react to the new Blackberry10 and what it has to offer.  To sweeten the pot, RIM is all ‘app happy’ and has 70,000  apps waiting for consumers to download, as well.


Rachel Gilliland, Toronto Professional Services Team