Blackberry 10 Apps Hit 100,000


Blackberry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, was right on the money this January, when  he predicted the new Blackberry 10 would reach the 100,000 mark. Wall Street Journal, Amazon Kindle and Open Table are a few big names who have recently launched new apps. The new phone was launch with 70,000 apps ready on the market and has gained world wide attention. It’s no surprise that developers hopped on the bandwagon and quickly embraced the new BB10 and joined their new portal of blackberry world apps.

Having said that, skeptics are leary that apps are safe, claiming that a rush of new developments could mean inundated spam or simply bad apps to fill a quick void. Similar to that of the new Windows 7 launch, in a haste to develop more apps, Microsoft had to cut down the number of submissions because it was such a huge problem for them.

So far Blackberry has not run into any issues and developers are trying to meet the demand for new innovative apps. Just recently, an unknown buyer purchased 1 million Blackberrys in one single order. Clearly, there is a fresh buzz to create unique and smart designed applications.