AT&T Offers HTC First Facebook Phone For .99 Cents!

Wow! Only .99 cents for a HTC First Facebook phone, that’s a 99.72% discount, from $350.

Running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and installed with the new Facebook Home experience, smartphone users can get their hands on this for next to nothing with a two year contract. Seems like a quick dip from the $350, to $99, to the $1 buck smartphone, but AT&T believes the promo will pay off.

If you don’t know already, the HTC phone is pre-loaded with a Facebook home page and Instagram. Your e-mail, calendar and notification will be centralized from Facebook home. It promotes constant connectivity to your social hub, never missing out on a moment even while using other apps. Facebook pics from your news feed appear on your lock screen, with ability to like or add your own comments on the spot. Update statuses without a photo means you’ll just see their cover photo.

Alternatively, some Android Phone owners can download Facebook Home without purchasing the HTC First, which over a half a million have chosen to socially connect with Facebook Home already.

A little healthy competition for both Apple and Samsung doesn’t hurt. No sales results have been released and AT&T did not say how long the promotion will last.