Apps That Pay You

Yup that’s right, the Indiegogo project for SmartAds unveiled it’s new free ‘advertising’ app that actually pays you! Smartphone and tablet users can earn up to $25 per mobile device, per month to be served on the lock screen of their devices. Tablets would double the deal. The catch? You have to watch ads and send your personal feedback. If you don’t like the ad you can “close” it down or if you love the ad, you can click for more info, you can choose buy the product/service, or share the deal with friends and family.

They claim the ads will be targeted based on your likes and interests, using geographical locations and most likely social activities. The project is still in its infancy, but hopes to attract investor attention. They go on to claim that the ads will be minimalistic and creative and that advertisers have the opportunity to target their market in a positive and productive way such as;

  • Highly targeted advertising.
  • Full screen images.
  • Full attention.
  • Opted in users.
  • Great analytics.


Users can also take advantage of deals of they day, contests and discounts. Even better SmartAds claim users can be paid even more for a referral program.