Apple Buys WifiSlam for 20 Million

It’s official! Apple has acquired WifiSlam for an estimated 20 million dollars. The innovative company provides indoor GPS mobile location services, which allows people to pinpoint their their location inside buildings, malls and coffee shops within 2.5 meters.

By using the strength of Wi-Fi signals, your smartphone can track you and your friends down, sipping lattes at Starbucks.

WifiSlam believes they are the next generation of location-based mobile apps that engage users where personal interaction actually takes place.  The new technology offers application developers uses for indoor mapping, new types of retail and social networking apps.

The company app combines fingerprints of proximate WiFi networks from your smartphones’ compass and accelerometer data, thus, accurate location can be determined, as a person moves around.

Since Apple scrapped it’s Google mapping system for iPhone last September, the purchase comes as good news. Apple said they “buy smaller technology companies from time to time”. It’s a tall tell sign that mapping location services are a hot item and will only continue to improve.