57yrs of VHS Fuzz

Ampex VRX-1000, considered the world’s first video tape recorder, celebrates 57 years. Youtube has graciously reminded us all about the fun of “tape mode”, or VHS, on select videos. Look for a tape symbol at the bottom to convert the high definition video and you can enjoy the fuzz, static and pulled picture quality. Works best in Google Chrome.

CBS Television City, in Hollywood, California was known as the very first broadcaster of the technology, sharing a delayed recording of the “Douglas Edwards and The News” show with America in 1956. Considered the breaking technology of the decade, it didnt take long before NBC and ABC began delayed broadcasts from video tape in 1957.

The video tape turned into a billion dollar industry providing years of television broadcasts, movie rentals and treasured Disney classic collections. It will be honoured as a historic stepping stone in history, helping us evolve to the digital technology we love and share today.