40yr Cell Phone History

On Wednesday April 3rd, 1973 the first clunker of a cell phone was born. Motorola Dynatac’s inventor, Martin Cooper, 84, placed his history making mobile call 40 years ago in New York, and directly to his competitor Joel Engel at Bell.

The shoebox of a phone, affectionally known as, “the Brick”, weighed in at 2.5 pounds and sported a battery life long enough for a twenty minute convo. To have this bit of luxury wasn’t cheap either, coming in at a whopping $3,995. However, they did extend the battery talk time another 10 mins, upon release. Be prepared for a ten hours charge to continue closing that corporate deal.

The mobile has come along way, with reduced charging times, extremely light weight and much lower in costs. However, we depend on our cellphones more and more and would probably suffer a panic attack if we lost it.

Mashable and Column Five partnered up to design a Cell-ebration Infographic timeline of the 40 year history of the cellphone. It shows the past, precent and a future look at the mobile.