Vector mobile app development conceptGetting your company involved with mobile app development can leave you feeling both excited and insecure about the future of your business. New apps are being released every day, with the burgeoning app development industry swelling with new entrants. New post-secondary design programs are being offered to meet the surging demand of the app development industry. There is a lot of competition out there, and a lot of inexperienced developers hoping to get lucky working with an uninformed client.

Running your own business is stressful enough without having to worry about your web developer being up to the task. A clunky or unattractive app can do more harm than good. You want your app development news to read like a celebration, not an obituary, and that’s why smart business owners choose Developer 4 Lease. Read on to learn three useful ways that we help you navigate the unruly waters of the app development industry.

We make sufficient platform considerations.

It can be tough to choose where to market your app. Android, Windows, and iOS platforms all have unique advantages and disadvantages, but too many companies default for the iOS because of the command Apple has over some online markets.

We help you choose the best platform. We consider the unique audiences that your products and services target, and select your platform to accommodate these needs. It may shock you to learn that Android platforms are a much stronger performer on the global scale, for example. For this reason, globally-targeted products may benefit most from this operating system.

We understand the app medium better than anybody else.

Too many people view their company app as a scaled-down version of their website, and try to make it a condensed web experience. This is the wrong approach for a number of reasons. Your app will not have the same size, functionality, or scope as your web page, and designing it as such will only give you problems. In fact, Apple may reject your app if it tries to adhere to your website’s formal and functional conventions.

Apps are valuable because they are different from their desktop counterparts; they are portable, mobile-friendly, built using intuitive touch interfaces, and often offer services that websites do not. We can help you take advantage of app technologies that are making development news headlines, and give you a complementary app that works in harmony with your website without being a downsized duplicate.

We don’t burden you with beta testing.

Too many companies waste time and money trying to beta test their own app. This is a big mistake, largely because it doesn’t give you any outside perspective. In-app purchases and product uses that may seem obvious to the company owner could be totally cryptic to the untrained eye. We offer objective insights and constructive criticism that will polish your app for best results.