In 2013, Google announced the release of Android Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) that would give developers tools to build on the Android platform. Since this announcement was made, the doomsday clock for the popular Eclipse IDE began counting down; what was once the preferred program for Java development would soon be stripped of […]

The recent AWS Summit in New York released some interesting information about the future of mobile application testing that could have some serious implications for developers around the world. The news falls in line with recent trends moving developers in the direction of cloud infrastructures, like Google’s Cloud Test Lab announcement and Xamarin’s Test Cloud […]

Evidencing the faith developers had in its potential, Polymer came together from conception to production release in less than two years. Now, Google has announced the release of Polymer 1.0 at its annual I/O developer conference, and the industry is buzzing. What is Polymer? The Polymer library is designed to make it simpler and more […]

Getting your company involved with mobile app development can leave you feeling both excited and insecure about the future of your business. New apps are being released every day, with the burgeoning app development industry swelling with new entrants. New post-secondary design programs are being offered to meet the surging demand of the app development […]

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With the rise of online traffic being pushed to mobile users, is your website ready to meet the growing demand of the world? Responsive design is no longer a “nice to have” it is on the brink of “must have” and whether your website is ready or not, the world is waiting. Responsive Design is dynamic, as we are dynamic, it is now the truest form a website can take. The Desktop user once reigned king over the internet but Google is pushing more traffic to mobile users in 2015. Responsive Design is about to become the standard for all websites, dictated by the demand of mobile users.

Global Demand for Mobile Development Talent Exceeds Availability – Study The global demand for mobile developers over the last two years has doubled but the number of developers increased by 13 percent only. The huge gap between supply and demand for skilled mobile development talent was revealed in a recent study on “Global Mobile Talent” […]

Mobile data traffic is expected to grow by 12 times in the next four years or from now until 2018. The growth is seen to be driven by the fast roll-out of LTE (4G) connectivity to about 60 percent of the population worldwide and the expected 60 percent annual growth of video streaming on mobile […]

BBM Will Finally Embrace iOS and Android Platforms It’s about time Blackberry steps up and realizes that BBM needs to integrate with other platforms. One of the key features of Blackberry’s selling points is BBM, and is also one of the hardest one’s to leave, if you were considering moving to another smartphone. However, most […]

Windows 8 Quirky Ad Campaigns are Working As odd as it may be, Microsoft has launched new online Windows 8 ad campaigns, targeting the Asian market as a whole and is working. Each ad highlights the strongest components of Windows 8 features such as; speed, touch, efficiency and over all beauty. The kicker is each […]

AT&T Offers HTC First Facebook Phone For .99 Cents! Wow! Only .99 cents for a HTC First Facebook phone, that’s a 99.72% discount, from $350. Running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and installed with the new Facebook Home experience, smartphone users can get their hands on this for next to nothing with a two year […]

Super Human Powers Ignite! Live your dreams of becoming the next super hero, as Edios, a groupd of students at the Royal College of Art in London, has finally discovered a way to enhance super hearing and matrix like eyesight. The first invention is ultra modern block style eye wear, which allows you to see images […]

iOS 7 Siri and Map Apps in Cars Near You According to a report by 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is working hard on being a major part of vechile infotainment. They want to integrate the iOS7 Siri and maps applications directly into car consoles. Apple says the voice-activated navigation system will find it’s presence in cars […]

NY Times Releases a New App For Google Glass Google Glass, a revolutionary walking computer eyeglass worn to record video, take pictures and search the internet can now read the latest news from the New York Times. Only available to select individuals though. About 8,000 winners of its #ifihadglass contest to purchase the Google Glass before release […]

Fundawear Offers A New Kind of Sexting A new kind of long distant relationship just got a little closer. Ben Moir, Tech Director of Durex Australia has helped design new sexy undergarments called Fundawear. Put on a pair of these hot to trot undies or bras and you can actually send and/or receive vibrating signals […]

New Cellphone Super Battery Will Jump Start a Car A team at the University of Illinois, headed up by Professor William King, has created a new kind of battery that could change the world. Imagine lithium-ion batteries that give 30 times more power and have ability to recharge 1,000 times quicker. That technology has now emerged, […]

57yrs of VHS Fuzz Ampex VRX-1000, considered the world’s first video tape recorder, celebrates 57 years. Youtube has graciously reminded us all about the fun of “tape mode”, or VHS, on select videos. Look for a tape symbol at the bottom to convert the high definition video and you can enjoy the fuzz, static and […]

Tumblr Dumps ‘Storyboard’ Late Tuesday evening Tumblr blog, CEO David Karp, announced the shutting down of Tumblr Storyboard saying, “What we’ve accomplished with Storyboard has run its course for now, and our editorial team will be closing up shop and moving on. I want to personally thank them for their great work. And please join […]

New Fliple Contact App Mocks Windows Style for iOS Yup, it seems we want the best of all world’s. Fliple is new, free and offers a contact apps that largely resembles the Microsoft Windows Phone OS. Let’s face it, the iPhone’s standard contact list is boring and non-functional for quick connections. The Fliple app has […]

40yr Cell Phone History On Wednesday April 3rd, 1973 the first clunker of a cell phone was born. Motorola Dynatac’s inventor, Martin Cooper, 84, placed his history making mobile call 40 years ago in New York, and directly to his competitor Joel Engel at Bell. The shoebox of a phone, affectionally known as, “the Brick”, […]

iPhone Gets a Sound Boost For all you iPhones users who like to dance, play and work about, the new “iPlifier” is designed to enhanced its weak sound by pushing music towards you. The cupping like piece attaches into the iphone lighting port quickly and easily and, voila, amplifies sound. Supposedly, the piece can accommodate […]

$5 Fee to Browse the Real Thing to Offset Internet Sales Is this the beginning of a new shopping era? A small business owner in Australia, who specializes in Celiac friendly foods, has decided to charge browsers $5 to make up for lost internet sales. A growing trend among her niche store has customers coming […]

Apple Buys WifiSlam for 20 Million It’s official! Apple has acquired WifiSlam for an estimated 20 million dollars. The innovative company provides indoor GPS mobile location services, which allows people to pinpoint their their location inside buildings, malls and coffee shops within 2.5 meters. By using the strength of Wi-Fi signals, your smartphone can track you […]

Blackberry 10 Apps Hit 100,000   Blackberry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, was right on the money this January, when  he predicted the new Blackberry 10 would reach the 100,000 mark. Wall Street Journal, Amazon Kindle and Open Table are a few big names who have recently launched new apps. The new phone was launch with 70,000 […]

Soccer Ball Technology Makes Light & Helps Communities Unchartered Play has launched a new kind of portable generator in a built in a soccer ball called a “Soccket”. It claims that a mere thirty minutes of play will generate 3 hours of light. The kit provide a single bulb LED lamp which can be plugged into […]

Talking Shoe to Make you Fit Google is at it again, experimenting with computers and human interaction in unpredictable ways. This time at the annual South by Southwest conference in Austin Texas, Googled shared an ealry protype of a talking “smart shoe”. The concept is to motivate you when you are a lazy bones jones […]

Apps That Pay You Yup that’s right, the Indiegogo project for SmartAds unveiled it’s new free ‘advertising’ app that actually pays you! Smartphone and tablet users can earn up to $25 per mobile device, per month to be served on the lock screen of their devices. Tablets would double the deal. The catch? You have to watch ads […]

Best of Google Chrome Google Chrome is now considered one of the worlds best browsers, but are you using it to the best it has to offer? Look no further, because Mashable has written up a ” 10 Essential Chrome Extensions for Designers” list for all not to miss. Take advantage of one of my favourites, the […]

Google’s New Pad Enough to make anyone jealous, Google’s new 1.1 million square foot “Bay View” pad is being built in Mountain View, California. The new plans include a place to jog, scooter, enjoy a latte and even pitch a tent for the die hards. The idea behind the concept is to create an environment for happy employees. […]

Rockstar Coding with Zuckerberg, Gates and more Investors Ali and Hadi Partovi launched a new not-for-profit site, aimed at computer science education. They have commingled a superpower bunch of well-known programmers, like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and NBA star, Chris Bosh, to encourage and educate others on how coding changed their lives. It claims […]

Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z Look out, because the new Android platform Xperia Tablet Z will be revealed today in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. The tablet is said to be the “world’s thinnest 10.1-inch tablet” at 6.9 millimeters, just over 1 pound, and get this, “waterproof” in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes. Their new […]

Reality Content? Really? For real? Yes for real…Readily usable content at one’s finger tip, that applies to real life situations. Especially, when we travel we might want to know the best pizza joint in Boston, or the loviest B & B in the West Coast. But the question still remains, as to who is going […]

Google Glass Secrets Revealed Google is slowly sharing bits and bites of the wonders of Google Glass. Their new ad demonstrates real life situations and the use of the cool and sleek glass. Try jumping from a plane, riding a roller coaster or even swinging from a trapeze. Tell Google Glass to do what you want, when you want. […]

Heartbreak App to Kill the Ex February 15th, 2013 Awww..sweet revenge. No better way than to get over your ex quickly, show that person you have moved on and become a happier person. But how to heal the heart and move forward, when the life of a relationship is documented on social medias that can […]

That GIF is a Hottie February 14, 2013 That’s right, GIFs are back and hotter than ever. According to the NY Times, the hip 80’s GIFs are suddenly popping up on the latest fashion ad campaigns such as Diesel, Jack Spade and Burberry. Also these relic snippets are to be found at recent art galleries […]

Surface Pro Launches 1st Promo Ad on the Grammies Get it while its hot or not? Just one day after its’ February 9th launch,  many retail locations across the country say they are sold out. At the Grammy Award’s ceremony this Sunday night, Microsoft launched their first Surface Pro Ad. Decked out with funky music and well […]

Snapchat App Not So Private After All Usually when its too good to be true, it is. Snapchat is one the fastest growing app trends amongst teens aged 13-18. The app allows users to snap a pic, send it to specific recipients and then disappear after 1 to 10 seconds of being viewed. It’s the […]

Don’t get Scroogled by Google! Microsoft strikes back with yet another campaign in attempts to attack Google with it’s latest e-mail invasion. Mircosoft claims Gmail is an open service for Google to walk on in and scan all your e-mails for the purpose of target marketing. Even if you are not a Gmail user, any […]

Android Developers Will Love BB10 Writing apps that targets multiple platforms is one of the hardest software engineering problems. BlackBerry have solved this problem, but they won’t want you to use it. Last Wednesday, BlackBerry made the transition from being a company that was developing a new smartphone platform to a company that actually has […]

It’s Official: $24.4 Billion Private Deal For Dell with Microsoft’s Help Michael Dell has finally sealed the deal, taking the company into private hands and off the publicly-traded stock market over this last weekend. While Dell holds the majority of the company in cash and equity funds from Silver Lake and MSD Capital, Microsoft loaned them […]

So, catch the big game on the, er, internet? Or, if you took our advice and used more traditional hardware, you may have caught Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd trying to outdo each other to become Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” promoters (only to be trumped by LeBron James), or a BlackBerry Z10 user turning a tanker truck into rubber […]

Dell – Possibly the Largest Buyout Since Global Financial Crisis Michael Dell is expected to take majority ownership of the world’s third-largest personal computer maker, which currently has a market value of $23 billion, while Silver Lake and Microsoft Corp would become minority investors, a third person familiar with the matter said. The final price the group […]

RIM…Ahem…Blackberry will offer Playbook BB10 Update   For all those playbook owners, yup, you too will be able to enjoy the new operating powers of  Blackberry 10 updates. No official date has been made as to when these updates will be available.   Playbook sales didn’t do as well as RIM intended. Playbook owners admitted […]

Building a Killer Mobile App   In our Mobile App Trends Series, Mashable offers tips for utilizing the current mobile app trends to maximize your business’ potential. We know that in the rapidly growing app market it is difficult to keep track of all the changing technology, so we’ve compiled some resources to help you get the most […]

Blackberry 10 Comeback   Let the sleeping dogs rise because Research In Motion has rose up from the doom and gloom of defeat and is prepared to wow us all with the launch of their new Blackberry 10, this January 30, 2013. Touted as the biggest comeback in history, BB10 is definitely running in a race […]

At 8 a.m. my smartphone alarm goes off, nearly jolting me out of bed. It displays a short message: “Aim for 30 minutes of exercise today.” Craving another hour of sleep, I duck under the covers, but immediately that thought is replaced by another: “You know, this app actually has a point.” Five minutes later, […]

The Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet has been anything but shy, leaking all over the place and posing for a few hands-on pics. But today’s scoop from French blog Frandroidmarks the first time we get a real idea of its size, as the latest leaked photos show the Galaxy Note 8.0 next to the Galaxy Note 2. Context is a […]

A storm is fast approaching the WordPress community, as a controversy involving the WordPress Foundation and Themeforest creator Envato has left all participating Themeforest merchants banned from speaking, organizing, sponsoring or volunteering for WordCamps, the largest “official” gatherings surrounding WordPress. At the heart of this issue are differing interpretations of GPL licensing, and now many of WordPress’ biggest supporters, like developer Jake Caputo, are stuck in the […]

Music can make or break a TV show, movie or even an advertisement. In entertainment media, a perfectly selected song will complement the visuals and dialogue, and enhance the overall impact. If you begin to notice more of those befitting songs in the coming months and years, a new web app released Wednesday could be the reason […]

Mainstream customers need not apply, but programmers who like the openness of Mozilla’s browser-based Firefox OS will soon get a chance to help make it a reality. A small Spanish startup called GeeksPhone has started selling phones that let developers get a taste of Mozilla’s new Firefox OS. GeeksPhone announced two 3G phones for the browser-based operating […]

Samsung is known for going after Apple in its smartphone ads, with commercials that are admittedly pretty funny, depicting the Apple faithful waiting in line, for instance. Now they’ve got a new video out, but this one, rather than taking some playful punches at the big guy on the block, takes the boot to the already […]

Who says tech can’t be fashionable? We spotted many creative and beautiful tech accessories in the wild last week at the 2013 International CES conference in Las Vegas — from glitzy iPhone cases to sleek laptop bags and even a designer Rebecca Minkoff-branded clutch purse that doubles as a speaker. Here’s a look at some of the […]

The next time you go shopping for a smartphone, you might see some unfamiliar software on the screens lining store shelves. The smartphone market is dominated by Apple’s iPhone and devices running Google’s Android software, with Microsoft and RIM hoping to carve out the remaining market share for their new Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry […]

Facebook has a big launch event on Tuesday. Here are nine things I think it may be working on, or at least should be. We’ve heard tips that some of these are already in development and may be released soon, while the rest could fill big holes in Facebook. Even if none of them hit the stage […]

LAS VEGAS — The Consumer Electronics Show (or CES, to you) for 2013 has come and gone; and despite increased Internet belly-aching that the goliath tech convention has become irrelevant or less of a tastemaker than in years past, there were still a great number of eye-popping, jaw-dropping, innovative, exciting gadgets on display here in Las Vegas. From a […]

LAS VEGAS — It was expected, but still impressive. Nvidia unveiled its quad-core Tegra 4mobile processor at CES 2013, and many products with the next-generation chip are already planned. One of them was a the show: The 10.1-inch model in Vizio’s new Android tablets, and I got a little one-on-one time with it. The sample I checked out was […]

Samsung is known around these here parts as the Fifth Horseman. The company has risen from a boring mega-conglomerate to Apple’s biggest competitor, the world leader in TVs, and one of the most crucial manufacturers in the world. The proof of this is in the pudding, or, rather, in the $1 million booth the company has […]

While we knew Microsoft Messenger was due to retire sometime in the first quarter of this year, we now have a confirmed date. According to The Next Web, Redmond has informed users via email that they have until March 15th to use the IM platform, after which they will need to hop on to Skype to chat with their Messenger pals…. […]

Because data is hard to come by on active usage for top mobile apps, it’s hard to understand how wide a footprint the very highest-grossing games have. Plus, with a Renaissance in mid-core games over more casual titles during the past year, it’s often not the best-known or most widely popular games that perform the […]

New devices Lenovo took its popular Yoga convertible and shrank it down to 11 inches. It also introduced theThinkPad Helix (shown below) at the CES Unveiled event Sunday night. The company calls this clamshell a “rip and flip” design because the screen pops off from the keyboard base, and then can be reattached even after being rotated […]

Attention dumbphones, point-and-shoot cameras and music players: sorry to tell you this, but it looks like your days may be numbered. According to a new survey out from Accenture (embedded below and released to coincide with the CES show), consumers are moving away from buying “single-use” devices and opting instead for those that offer the ability to […]

The holidays wreak havoc on our bodies, with their mandatory over-indulgence in food as well as family and reminiscences. As we reflect on the year past — its victories and losses — we also begin looking ahead to the next, and in big ways or small, making plans to keep our momentum going. For many, […]

In the past few years, the map has transformed from a static, stylized portrait of the Earth to a dynamic, interactive conversation. Google’s Chief Technology Advocate Michael Jones talks about the future of mapping, and why you’ll never be lost again. The entire concept of a “map” seems radically different from even a decade ago. […]

Nothing says Internet opportunity like a social media juggernaut. Tumblr, the meme-olicious, gif-tastic, photo-fabulous, (but also occasionally) thoughtful blogging platform that attracted 167 million visitors and nearly 18 billion pageviews in December, is certainly no exception. The site now ranks as the 11th-largest in terms of traffic, according to Quantcast. (That’s down slightly from November, when it broke into the top 10 with […]

The evolution of the Web is a messy process. We do so much with the Web today that it’s easy to take it for granted. Banking, social networking, word processing, travel planning, education, shopping — the Web is reaching to new domains and tightening its grip where it’s already used. To match that expansion, the […]

Ready for some more design tweaks to your Timeline? If not, watch out. Facebook is experimenting with some significant changes that are already showing up for a small number of users — and may roll out to the masses very soon. According to ABC News, where a producer’s Timeline first revealed the changes Thursday, the new version is a return […]

Google has decided to take on the decades-old Santa tracking service that NORAD offers with its own “Google Santa Tracker.” It comes in the wake NORAD booting Google out as a partner in favor of Microsoft. How NORAD Began Tracking Santa Since 1955 First some history, then what Google has in store. When I was […]

You may have noticed that Mashable got a new look recently. The design seems wider than usual, and when you shrink your browser, the content resizes to fit. The aim here isn’t merely prettiness or technical trickery, however: Media companies like ours are seeing a major shift in the consumption habits of their audiences. Those organizations […]

First we had Twitter, followed shortly after by Google, and now today Facebook has joined the party with its own retrospective end of year review page. Year in Review 2012 presents to Facebook users a full summary of the biggest trending topics to hit the social media site over the last year, including all the biggest stories about famous […]

Today’s PCs and smartphones can do a lot — from telling you the weather in Zimbabwe in milliseconds, to buying your morning coffee. But ask them to show you what a piece of fabric feels like, or to detect the odor of a great-smelling soup, and they’re lost. That will change in the next five […]

Instagram has just released its biggest iOS app update in a year, and it’s all about improving the publishing experience and heavier Instagram branding. First there’s a new Instagram-themed shutter and shutter-release button. A new image selector reminiscent of Facebook Camera makes it quicker to choose a recent shot. There’s also a new monochrome filter called Willow coming to iOS […]

Hunting down the best apps for reading comics, finding a restaurant, and more. Smartphones are just as commonplace as our wallet and keys these days—we can’t leave the house without them and we certainly freak out if they go missing. Our phones are packed with powerful CPUs and GPUs; the Snapdragon SOC with its Adreno […]

The last six months or so has seen a veritable storm of high-end smartphones. While you can generally count on new hardware being released year-round, this holiday season is particularly busy. Between the iPhone 5, iOS 6, the Nexus 4, Android 4.2, and Windows Phone 8, things have changed quite a bit since the summer. Even more exciting, the smartphone […]

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This is the time of year when most consumer-facing companies put out their “Year In Review”, which reflect upon what happened on its service during that particular year. It’s pretty straight-forward stuff usually, but Twitter is a different type of company. By different, I mean that very rarely do you find a company that can […]

Last December, Omada Health raised $800K in seed funding from a host of angel and venture investors, including NEA, Aberdare, Kapor Capital, TriplePoint Ventures and Esther Dyson — to name a few. A graduate of Rock Health’s first batch, the startup started out on a mission to take on diabetes (and prediabetes) by leveraging the latest research, design, behavioral science […]

So we hear rumors that Facebook is looking into buying messaging app WhatsApp. We do a post on it, writing simply that we are hearing those rumors and that Facebook might be interested in acquiring the startup. At the time we had little idea of when this discussion happened, or any other details, but found it […]

Well, The Daily failed. It wasn’t all that fun while it lasted. And it didn’t last all that long. If everyone had known that it was going to cost $25 million a year to run, it probably would have been easy to predict its eventual failure. At a high level, the reality is simple: the economics didn’t […]

If you were searching for your daily dose of morning hilarity, look no further. CollegeHumor has just posted a Nickelback parody of the Photograph music video, substituting the theme of physical photos for the much hipper, Facebook-owned Instagram. Early warning: there’s a moment of NSFW language toward the last verse, but for those of you at […]

Today Facebook announced its first ever product open to people without a Facebook account. Starting now, the Messenger for Android app, and later its iOS counterpart, will allow signups from non-Facebook users with just a name and phone number. Facebook seems to have realized the limited reach of Messenger as is and wants to let you message your […]

There are hundreds of devices to choose from when you’re considering a new desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. We’re overwhelmed by all of the choices we have, but choice is good. When it comes to computing, as far as operating systems, there are three huge players: Microsoft, Apple and Google. Yes, Google. A curious […]

Mike Krieger, Instagram’s founder, thinks you can build apps that fit in the real world by watching what people want, not guessing. He presented his eight core product design insights today at 500 Startups’ Warm Gun conference. Here’s the cheat sheet to his talk. “Just because you’ve Googled something doesn’t mean you’ve learned,” Krieger explained in […]

Apple has yet to release the unlocked iPhone 5 in the U.S., even though early on they let images leak depicting pricing of that device on its website. Now a new report from 9t05Macclaims that the company will start selling unlocked iPhones as early as tonight via its online store, with physical retail availability coming shortly […]

Shopaholics of the world, unite and take over. This past weekend, the first of the holiday shopping season, has already been breaking records for consumer online spend. Today comScore announced one more: Cyber Monday raked in $1.465 billion in online sales, making it the heaviest-spending day in U.S. e-commerce history. It was second only to this year’s Black Friday […]

Microsoft just announced that it has sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses so far. This is the first update the company has given since it announced that it had sold 4 million upgrades over the first weekend after Windows 8 went on sale earlier this month. According to Microsoft, “Windows 8 is outpacing Windows 7 in terms of upgrades.” […]

The numbers keep rolling in: mobile commerce startup Branding Brand released new reports detailing holiday shopping sales on mobile, but unlike the other e-commerce reports which came out over the holidays, this one only includes data on commerce sites where the experience has been specifically tailored for smartphones. It also only looks at smartphones, to be clear, […]

It’s holiday season again, which means that the gamers, and non-gamers, of the world will soon be unwrapping a slew of mobile devices and heading to their respective app stores thirsty for content. But don’t panic, mobile game developers. We’re here to fill you in on a few things to help you stay calm, cool […]