With the introduction of Windows 8 Mobile devices, we are seeing a new trend of users who value the philosophy and purpose of the Windows 8 experience, namely to be unique and personal. With the introduction of this new personalized market, our developers are able to identify and isolate your Windows 8 target audience and develop an application best suited for this demographic. The look and feel of the Windows Mobile experience is also unique to what Android and Apple have to offer and as such our developers will contribute to this unique “feel” and develop your application according to the people who will actually be using it!
The Windows 8 applications are already outpacing the amount of downloads in the Apple App Store, a significant feat to say the least. It’s also been announced that 40 million licenses have been sold to date and are continuing to grow. Top companies such as CBS, ABC News, Flixter, OWN (Oprah Winfrey), Vimeo to name a few, have jumped onto the Windows 8 bandwagon and have developed in this still growing market. Millions of consumers are eager to upgrade and we can help leverage that consumer demand.

Our Experts

Our specialized Windows 8 developers are ready to upgrade your current application to take its first steps in this environment. New features supporting touch, gestures, and live tiles across tablet and mobile devices are supported and integrated by our development team. These apps will easily adapt with older version of Windows making them highly versatile. We specialize in:
  • Corporate Business Applications
  • Media Applications
  • Games / Entertainment Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Various Utilities
  • Customization
Windows 8 Mobile has proven to be a leading edge platform in mobile applications and we embrace this expanding market as developers and have come to embrace its potential. We pride ourselves with experience and a vast corporate portfolio, including a variety of successful mobile application development projects at www.tps-mobile.com/portfolio. Our team of innovative thinkers are committed to work with you to produce the best in technological trends and surpass your competitors through ingenuity and creative problem solving and provide you with a product you are sure to be happy with.