Windows 8 is finally here and it’s not going away anytime soon. If you have an android app, an iOs app or even a BlackBerry app out there, then you need to port it to the Windows Mobile platform. With all of the new phones coming out from HTC and Nokia that support Windows 8 Mobile, there will continue to be a growing number of Windows 8 Mobile users. Why not address this user base now with a new application on that same platform? We can help you achieve that or we can help you build a new app from scratch.  The key is to be sure you reach your entire audience and that needs to include Windows 8 Mobile users as well.
The Windows 8 apps are already outpacing the amount of downloads in the Apple Mac store, taking the world by storm. It’s also been announced that 40 million licenses have been sold to date and are continuing to grow. Top companies such as CBS, ABC News, Flixter, OWN (Oprah Winfrey), Vimeo and plenty of others have jumped on the Windows 8 bandwagon. Millions of consumers are eager to upgrade, and we can help leverage that consumer demand.

Our Experts

Our specialized Windows 8 developers are ready to upgrade your current application and/ or bring a new vision to life. New features supporting touch, gestures and live tiles across tablets and mobile devices are supported and integrated by our development team.  These apps will easily adapt with older versions, such as; Windows XP and 7 or Metro. We specialize in;
  • Corporate Business Applications
  • Media Applications
  • Games / Entertainment Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Various Utilities
  • Customization
Windows 8 Mobile has proven to be a leading edge platform in mobile applications and we embrace this forward thinking. We pride ourselves with experience and a vast corporate portfolio, including a variety of successful mobile application development projects at Our innovative team of developers are committed to work with you to achieve the best in technology trends and surpass the contenders of your industry.

Get in touch with one of our experienced Windows 8 developers today. We can discuss your visions and concepts, help bring them to life, and make your business smarter.