In the World of Mobile Applications iPhone is where it’s at.  There’s nearly a million applications that run on the iPhone and many businesses have factored the iPhone into their technology footprint.

We have a great team of developers with heavy experience with developing software for the iPhone. Our service offering is simple, we develop whatever you need for you according to a specification either you provide or one that we jointly create. We know the SDK veyr well and how to get app approved in the app store.  There is no substitute for experience and we have dozens of successful iOS application under our belt.  In addition to loads of successfully completed applications, we have a whole host of happy clients.  We know that you are going to love our work and will be very happy you chose us as your development partner.

We have a great team that can develop iPhone applications across many different categories:

  • Fun and Gaming Applications
  • Corporate Applications
  • Productivity Application
  • Utility Applications
  • and any other area you can think of
If you need experienced professionals to take care of your iPhone application development, you’ve already found a reliable partner.  contact us now and allow us to help you bring your app to life!

iPhone 5 Application Development and Update

The new iPhone 5 has only one major change in terms of web development, which is the size of the screen resolution. While the new iPhone 5 has the same width as the 4/4s, there is 176 more pixels-height on portrait mode. These devices boast a wide 4″ screen, WDVGA, 640×1136 pixels, 326 DPI -Retina Display. The amount of work to update your app depends on how sized-constrained it is and the scroll views that enable them. Applications that share a great amount of graphics with little scrollable areas would require more work, versus apps with less images and scrollable portions. Whether the application is stretchable or not will be determined by removing any layout code in the screen height, or the app will simply fill with either a white or black bar. Our mobile application developers are ready to help you design new applications or add modifications to an existing app to fit the new iPhone 5 interface. Contact us to find out more information about this service.

iPhone Application Development

The iPhone application development community began its rapid growth from the moment this superior device was created, in spite of  Apple’s reluctance to give users free access to the operating system and the ability to run third party Cocoa applications.  The iPhone is one of the most popular and outstanding handsets in the ever-changing mobile landscape today. This device has enchanted numerous users all over the world.  Customer’s expectation of reliability and quality provides an attractive opportunity for us to make the best use of the excitement generated by this new phone.
The iPhone provides an instant connection to the Internet, which makes the iPhone application development for this portable device virtually the same process as creating a web site or a web application. The iPhone’s built-in web browser means easy access to all custom iPhone applications. Most websites need few modifications to be appropriately displayed on the iPhone screen.
However, if you want to tailor your web applications specifically for iPhone users, then the iPhone application development can be done easily with the help of standard web development tools which generate the HTML that the iPhone requires. There is also standard iPhone interface software available to help with data transfer, etc.
Another way to improve your existing web applications and make them iPhone friendly is to display a modified interface designed specifically for the iPhone. During iPhone application development you don’t necessarily need to create your web pages according to the resolution supported by the iPhone since it scales pages quite well.
One of the greatest things that makes webpages handier for iPhone users is making the key elements larger, especially those used for input.  After all, when something is of the right size for clicking with a mouse, it isn’t likely to work well for fingertips. Elements can be made more attractive and convenient in many other ways. For example, you can help the iPhone recognize the phone numbers and make them clickable.
Web applications designed for the iPhone typically involve employment of modern high-end technologies such as AJAX or the PHP platform. Since these kinds of applications are not supposed to be cross-browser compatible they can freely leverage the Safari-supported CSS styles. Common user interface patterns also tend to be implemented to display standard looking lists that iPhone users will find familiar. To implement sophisticated animation techniques when doing iPhone application development, the Canvas object can be a good alternative to popular Flash.
The iPhone has an amazingly fertile environment for creativity and has completely changed the way mobile applications are built. The iPhone dictates the style and the future of user interfaces. Don’t hesitate to enter the new web applications area and start an iPhone application development project today.
If you need experienced professionals to take care of your mobile phone applications development, we are your reliable partner.  Contact us now!

iPhone Apps – iPhone Software Development

We have many satisfied customers who have used our iPhone development services.  We have developed several applications for the iPhone and most recently developed a front end reporting tool for iPhone users. Our customer had a web based application that allowed their customers to log in to run reports on their accounts, which in turn provided them data and graphics. Given that their user community has a number of avid iPhone users, the client felt an iPhone application development project was warranted.  The iPhone application development project was launched and we worked collaboratively on the specifications to create a document that would guide the iPhone development effort. The specifications included not only the data display requirements but also took into account some of the cool iPhone features that we could employ. iPhone Software Development is a little different than standard software development as some of the hardware features can suggest things the users would want to see.  An example of this is that the main display of data the user sees can be converted into a graph with great visuals just by rotating the phone to horizontal display.  This iPhone software development project had the following components:

  • iPhone application with a friendly highly functional user interface (login credentials, report variables etc.)
  • Server side communications to receive the iPhone mobile application requests
  • SQL scripts to interrogate the database
  • iPhone development of code to receive the xml posts of data from the server and hand them to the UI
The result was a slick real time application that automatically refreshes data and presents stunning visuals to the user community. The benefit of this real time application is that it allows users on the move to stay in touch with their accounts with this client; the nature of the business they conduct is dynamic and requires frequent data updates. This business was a great candidate for iPhone Mobile Application Development.

If you need experienced professionals to take care of your iPhone development project, we are your reliable partner. Feel free to contact us now!