Developer4Lease knows iPads  - Inside and Out!

iPad platform development is an area where inexperienced developers end up scratching their heads in confusion and frustration.  While not simple, at Developer4Lease, our iPad application developers have programmed iPad applications since the developer SDK was released prior to the first generation iPad.
With its 9.7 inch touch screen, vibrant retina display, crisp text, and a user interface that implements your most natural pointing device (your finger!), the iPad is the game changer in the tablet market and adds new definition to the experience of surfing the web.

At Developer4Lease, we are dedicated to innovative iPad application development and have earned a highly respected name for ourselves through our years of expertise in mobile application development in Toronto. We have mastered the art of iPad development according to the requirements of Apple. Our knowledgeable and experienced team delivers customized solutions that will enhance the performance of your business.

The iPad Services we provide are:

iPad Application Development

The iPad is a leap in technology. First came the iPhone, then the iPad – an amazing new way of browsing the Internet.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  The iPad is a highly portable piece of technology that delivers a whole new set of possibilities by leveraging the synergy of the wide screen with the handiness of a Smartphone. There is a reason that 3 out of every 4 tablets sold in 2011 have been iPads.  With market trending for the iPad, your iPad application will have a long life!  For this reason, iPad development services are a safe bet.

Hire an iPad Developer in Toronto

We have a team based in Toronto to assist you with all of your iPad application needs. Come and see us in the office, we would love to meet you. We often work with “inventors” who need help bringing their application into fruition. Bring us your brainchild and we will turn it into a reality. Take a look at our iPad application developers in Toronto.

iPad e-Book Publishing

These days, anyone can easily write, market, and sell a book because of the new options of how to access your media. The iPad is a great platform for an e-Book, but we don’t just publish a PDF document. We will turn your book into its own custom application, complete with custom animation, navigation, bookmarking, and cross-sells. We also have in depth experience in marketing all types of iPad applications and we can be your guide. Becoming an author with your own “book” is easier than you think! Check out our iPad application developers in Toronto.  We have the solutions for you!

iPad Game Development

There is no doubt about it, gaming on the iPad makes up a high percentage of the applications sold and is a large chunk of all the apps currently sold in the iTunes app store. With the graphics and the available internet connectivity, the iPad is the ultimate portable gaming device. Feel free to take a look at our iPad application developers in Toronto.  We are happy to help you take your concept to reality!

iPad Web Development

The internet is probably the biggest aspect of many people’s lives these days.  For many, life is incomplete without it.  Online presence has surpassed physical presence. Let us create an online presence for you! Take a peek at our iPad application developers in Toronto and we will create your perfect mobile project.

iPad Social Networking Application Development

Social networking has officially taken over. We are always connected, and if you are lacking a presence in the social networking sphere, you are missing out on hot business leads and a large market. The iPad is the perfect mobile interface for connecting with your social network of choice, and we can provide the knowledge and expertise to create the perfect solution for you. We have iPad application developers in Toronto waiting to help you.