Developer4Lease Specializes in Android

Android is a free open platform that handset manufacturers can use to provide an operating system for their new phones.  There have been many different versions released and the different phone manufacturers each take ownership of providing the new OS versions to their customers.  Each carrier also includes their own set of baseline applications such as email, calculator, messaging and the like.  There is a Software Development Kit also available so that developers can develop application that will be compatible and can be run on any Android device.  We have extensive Android development experience and would be glad to build any Android application for you.


Why Choose Us for your Android Development?

Flexibility and Functionality

Android is the leading platform – and not just because we like dessert!  This platform is open and flexible and allows developers to build just about anything that their customers want them to build.  We have built dozens of Android applications and have loads of experience in what works well and what doesn’t.  We know how to get the application built, tested and deployed.  It’s this experience working with customers that makes us a great development partner.  We know our stuff and often are able to provide considerable knowledge transfer to our customer during our development projects.  We are the frontrunners in Android application development and our Android developer for hire teams have the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver a great looking product with exceptional functionality and reliability!

Fully Customizable

As mentioned above each carrier who provides Android handset loads their own applications on the devices in advance.  There is no appreciable difference in how those apps function and how custom built Android applications function.  The same code base is used and it’s very easy to create a great application that is completely professional in both appearance and function.  All of a devices main functions can be addressed – elements like the camera, the accelerometer and any other hardware elements can be leveraged in your application. All of the locally stored data can also be used in your custom applications – things like the calendar entries and local photos can be used in any app you build.  You really do have the ability for full customization. Our talented and innovated programmers can take your concept and turn it into a highly functional final product to meet all your Android app needs!
Contact us today if you need more information or if you have a project that we can develop for you using our team of super talented Android Developers.