Developer4Lease Specializes in Android

Android is a free open platform that handset and tablet manufacturers use to provide an operating system (OS) for their products. What makes Android an incredible platform is the dynamic relationship it has with its users and distributors. It continually evolves to create optimal user experience as hardware (handsets and tablets) are being released with new and state-of-the-art technology, the Android OS evolves with its users. Android is owned by one of the most influential companies in history, Google, and is now being used by over 80% of the world’s smart phones. It is easy to see the limitless potential of the Android platform, especially as it grows and evolves with technology and our own creativity. There is a Software Development Kit that is made available so that developers can create or recreate applications that are compatible with all devices running on Android. We at Developer4Lease have extensive experience developing applications for Android and would be thrilled to build the perfect application you need.


Why Choose Us for your Android Development?

Flexibility and Functionality

We understand Android for what it really is, an open horizon filled with unlimited possibilities. This platform is open source, incredibly flexible and allows our developers to build just about anything that our customers need for their growing businesses. We have built dozens of Android applications and have valuable experience determining how to optimize any idea you may have to ensure that it works the way you want it to. We can build, test and deploy your application to your specifications and standards. In fact, we love the entire process of bringing a customers application to life and are excited when they are with us throughout each step of development. We make our expertise readily available to our customers to ensure that they have explored new and exciting options they may have never thought of. We are the forerunners in Android application development and our Android Developers have the experience, knowledge and talent to deliver a great looking product with exceptional functionality and reliability!

Fully Customizable

Our Android Developers know the ins and outs of the developing applications that employ both form and function. These must go hand in hand for either to be of any value. With Android being open source, our developers can utilize any part of the Android experience and add it the user experience in the customer’s very own Android Application. Whether you need to access the front-facing camera or utilize the accelerometer and any other hardware elements that you may require, we are experienced in creating a package that both works perfectly and looks amazing! All of the locally stored data can also be used in your application, whether it is calendar entries or photos or voice messages, the possibilities are truly limitless! Our team of talented and innovative developers can take your concept and turn it into a real, tangible product that meets and often exceeds your Android application expectations.
Contact us today if you would like more information or if you have a project in mind that needs to be developed perfectly and as soon as possible. We would love to discuss your idea and determine what to expect in regards to the development process.