The progression of Mobile phone development has moved past simple apps and gaming to augmented reality and immersive application experiences.  Today the mobile environment provides software solutions via rich functionality housed in state of the art business applications.  Modern mobile platforms have growing storage options, ever increasingly powerful micro-processors, and visually compelling display screens.  With these capabilities and the superb connectivity that mobile devices provide, the ubiquitous mobile platform has a wide array of possibilities! Mobile phone development as it’s own business platform is experiencing continuous significant growth.  Previously, applications had to be developed uniquely for all device platform and development had to be undertaken through the Software Development Kit available for all of those devices. Due to  emerging new tool sets that can export native application from a shared code base this no longer holds true for many types of applications.
There also exist a variety responsive web based technologies and these can augment mobile development and can harness the power of these devices. We are experienced with all of these technologies and tool sets and can supply development services using our knowledge, skills, and expertise with the following platforms:
Android iPhone  iPad  Windows Mobile BlackBerry
These platforms are the primary mobile device platforms.  We have extensive experience in mobile phone development projects and can provide services in each of the areas.  Our experience is broad and our client list is extensive – let us help you develop your mobile application and we will provide you top quality development services and great advice.

We have experience in the following mobile platforms;

  • Blackberry Platform Development
  • iPhone development
  • iPad development
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM
  • Games Development (iOS, Android and BlackBerry)
  • SMS based interactions
  • Android platform Development
We have a fantastic track record of quality, reliability, and on-schedule completion.  With our knowledge and experience, and our commitment to client satisfaction, we are the only developer you need to take your mobile solution from concept to completion!