iOS 7 Siri and Map Apps in Cars Near You According to a report by 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is working hard on being a major part of vechile infotainment. They want to integrate the iOS7 Siri and maps applications directly into car consoles. Apple says the voice-activated navigation system will find it’s presence in cars […]

NY Times Releases a New App For Google Glass Google Glass, a revolutionary walking computer eyeglass worn to record video, take pictures and search the internet can now read the latest news from the New York Times. Only available to select individuals though. About 8,000 winners of its #ifihadglass contest to purchase the Google Glass before release […]

New Cellphone Super Battery Will Jump Start a Car A team at the University of Illinois, headed up by Professor William King, has created a new kind of battery that could change the world. Imagine lithium-ion batteries that give 30 times more power and have ability to recharge 1,000 times quicker. That technology has now emerged, […]

Soccer Ball Technology Makes Light & Helps Communities Unchartered Play has launched a new kind of portable generator in a built in a soccer ball called a “Soccket”. It claims that a mere thirty minutes of play will generate 3 hours of light. The kit provide a single bulb LED lamp which can be plugged into […]

It’s Official: $24.4 Billion Private Deal For Dell with Microsoft’s Help Michael Dell has finally sealed the deal, taking the company into private hands and off the publicly-traded stock market over this last weekend. While Dell holds the majority of the company in cash and equity funds from Silver Lake and MSD Capital, Microsoft loaned them […]

So, catch the big game on the, er, internet? Or, if you took our advice and used more traditional hardware, you may have caught Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd trying to outdo each other to become Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” promoters (only to be trumped by LeBron James), or a BlackBerry Z10 user turning a tanker truck into rubber […]

RIM…Ahem…Blackberry will offer Playbook BB10 Update   For all those playbook owners, yup, you too will be able to enjoy the new operating powers of  Blackberry 10 updates. No official date has been made as to when these updates will be available.   Playbook sales didn’t do as well as RIM intended. Playbook owners admitted […]

At 8 a.m. my smartphone alarm goes off, nearly jolting me out of bed. It displays a short message: “Aim for 30 minutes of exercise today.” Craving another hour of sleep, I duck under the covers, but immediately that thought is replaced by another: “You know, this app actually has a point.” Five minutes later, […]

The Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet has been anything but shy, leaking all over the place and posing for a few hands-on pics. But today’s scoop from French blog Frandroidmarks the first time we get a real idea of its size, as the latest leaked photos show the Galaxy Note 8.0 next to the Galaxy Note 2. Context is a […]

A storm is fast approaching the WordPress community, as a controversy involving the WordPress Foundation and Themeforest creator Envato has left all participating Themeforest merchants banned from speaking, organizing, sponsoring or volunteering for WordCamps, the largest “official” gatherings surrounding WordPress. At the heart of this issue are differing interpretations of GPL licensing, and now many of WordPress’ biggest supporters, like developer Jake Caputo, are stuck in the […]

Samsung is known for going after Apple in its smartphone ads, with commercials that are admittedly pretty funny, depicting the Apple faithful waiting in line, for instance. Now they’ve got a new video out, but this one, rather than taking some playful punches at the big guy on the block, takes the boot to the already […]

Your friends have shared their life with Facebook. Now, Facebook is making sure you can actually find what they’ve shared. The social network unveiled a new search tool, Graph Search, that Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg described as the “third pillar” of Facebook, alongside News Feed and Timeline. Graph Search, which is initially launching in beta as […]

LAS VEGAS — The Consumer Electronics Show (or CES, to you) for 2013 has come and gone; and despite increased Internet belly-aching that the goliath tech convention has become irrelevant or less of a tastemaker than in years past, there were still a great number of eye-popping, jaw-dropping, innovative, exciting gadgets on display here in Las Vegas. From a […]

I wouldn’t have an iPad if I didn’t have to do two things: Do interviews and cook. The first I have to do for work but the second I do for fun. Which is why I think that Snapguide’s bold and stylish move to the tablet is not only inevitable, but means that the service has finally […]

Hunting down the best apps for reading comics, finding a restaurant, and more. Smartphones are just as commonplace as our wallet and keys these days—we can’t leave the house without them and we certainly freak out if they go missing. Our phones are packed with powerful CPUs and GPUs; the Snapdragon SOC with its Adreno […]

The original open source software “Benevolent Dictator For Life” and author of Python, Guido van Rossum, is leaving Google to join Dropbox, the startup willannounce later today. Van Rossum was a software engineer at Google since 2005, and should be a huge help as Dropbox is built on Python. He’s the latest big hire by the cloud storage […]

There are hundreds of devices to choose from when you’re considering a new desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. We’re overwhelmed by all of the choices we have, but choice is good. When it comes to computing, as far as operating systems, there are three huge players: Microsoft, Apple and Google. Yes, Google. A curious […]