Global Demand for Mobile Development Talent Exceeds Availability – Study The global demand for mobile developers over the last two years has doubled but the number of developers increased by 13 percent only. The huge gap between supply and demand for skilled mobile development talent was revealed in a recent study on “Global Mobile Talent” [...]

Mobile data traffic is expected to grow by 12 times in the next four years or from now until 2018. The growth is seen to be driven by the fast roll-out of LTE (4G) connectivity to about 60 percent of the population worldwide and the expected 60 percent annual growth of video streaming on mobile [...]

BBM Will Finally Embrace iOS and Android Platforms It’s about time Blackberry steps up and realizes that BBM needs to integrate with other platforms. One of the key features of Blackberry’s selling points is BBM, and is also one of the hardest one’s to leave, if you were considering moving to another smartphone. However, most [...]

Windows 8 Quirky Ad Campaigns are Working As odd as it may be, Microsoft has launched new online Windows 8 ad campaigns, targeting the Asian market as a whole and is working. Each ad highlights the strongest components of Windows 8 features such as; speed, touch, efficiency and over all beauty. The kicker is each [...]

AT&T Offers HTC First Facebook Phone For .99 Cents! Wow! Only .99 cents for a HTC First Facebook phone, that’s a 99.72% discount, from $350. Running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and installed with the new Facebook Home experience, smartphone users can get their hands on this for next to nothing with a two year [...]

Super Human Powers Ignite! Live your dreams of becoming the next super hero, as Edios, a groupd of students at the Royal College of Art in London, has finally discovered a way to enhance super hearing and matrix like eyesight. The first invention is ultra modern block style eye wear, which allows you to see images [...]

iOS 7 Siri and Map Apps in Cars Near You According to a report by 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is working hard on being a major part of vechile infotainment. They want to integrate the iOS7 Siri and maps applications directly into car consoles. Apple says the voice-activated navigation system will find it’s presence in cars [...]

NY Times Releases a New App For Google Glass Google Glass, a revolutionary walking computer eyeglass worn to record video, take pictures and search the internet can now read the latest news from the New York Times. Only available to select individuals though. About 8,000 winners of its #ifihadglass contest to purchase the Google Glass before release [...]

Fundawear Offers A New Kind of Sexting A new kind of long distant relationship just got a little closer. Ben Moir, Tech Director of Durex Australia has helped design new sexy undergarments called Fundawear. Put on a pair of these hot to trot undies or bras and you can actually send and/or receive vibrating signals [...]

New Cellphone Super Battery Will Jump Start a Car A team at the University of Illinois, headed up by Professor William King, has created a new kind of battery that could change the world. Imagine lithium-ion batteries that give 30 times more power and have ability to recharge 1,000 times quicker. That technology has now emerged, [...]

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