Who are we?

Developer4Lease, a division of Toronto Professional Services, is a premier custom software development company. We pride ourselves in our long history of providing quality services and solutions in website and mobile application design, build and coding.  We continue to be the front runners in a diverse range of innovative and customized solutions.  Whether you are a small start-up business or a large international organization, whether your programming needs are relatively small or large and complex, we provide the top notch developer solutions you need.
We are the experts in helping businesses around the world in leveraging the world wide web as a means of scaling their business.  Our programmers have extensive knowledge and experience in providing solutions that are custom fit to our clients’ needs and always ensure a highly functional quality product.  With our commitment to excellence, reliability, and on-time delivery, we have the solutions for you!


What do we do?

Developer4Lease provides custom development across many technologies.  We specialize in website design, web development, and mobile device application development.  In all probability you have already interacted with some of our web based apps and, if you have an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other type of smart phone, you might have already downloaded and used some of our state of the art mobile applications. Our applications are customized to our clients needs and specifications, and we provide full assistance in the marketing of applications intended for sale.
Developer4Lease provides the team solutions you need for your programming work. Our hybrid team solutions are built with a project manager at their core.  Our highly experience staff  has the expertise to allocate specific tasks within your project and to oversee the lifecycle of your project from start to finish.  This ensures you receive a quality product with on-time delivery!  We have been in business for over 20 years with extensive experience in mobile and web application development consulting.  Based out of Toronto, Ontario, we have well over 500 clients around the world!


How are we different?

We have a core set of corporate values and we adhere to these values in everything that we do.  We are particularly unique from all of the other custom software development companies.  Why?  Because our corporate values won’t allow us to offer low quality offshore services produced by programmers with questionable qualifications to do the job.  We pride ourselves in extensively screening and qualifying every programmer.  Many of our programmers have worked with us for a long time.  When we seek additional programmers we first review their actual work, then extensively interview them.  With programmers around the world, we can offer what others cannot – we can provide development teams around the world that include quality programmers that are local to you!  Depending on your needs and your budget, we offer customized hybrid solutions that involve combinations of offshore/onshore resources.  This allows you to build your teams based on your requirements and your preferences.

Corporate Values

We mentioned corporate values.  What are these?  Well they are a commitment to the world community.  They are a commitment to quality work, delivered honestly.  We do what we say we are going to do.  We don’t pull punches.  Some mobile software development companies offer bargain basement pricing, then provide under-qualified or unqualified programmers.  These are fly-by-night custom software development companies who take the money and run.  Our corporate values result in long-term relationships with our customers.  We stand behind our products and are committed to customer satisfaction.
As responsible members of the World Community, Developer4Lease earmarks a percentage of its revenue for donation to various local and international charities.  Both management and staff at Developer4Lease volunteer time to charitable causes.  We strongly believe that by helping to sustain the world community, it will in turn sustain us.
It is not our values that make us different.  It’s the fact that we live by them!